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blue-jean '68

As a symbol of freedom, Jean-Jacques had chosen a pair of "bell-bottomed" pants designed by Marithé  and François Girbaud in the mythical shop "Western House" in the Latin District of Paris.

Photo title: THE RED ELF

St Germain-en-Laye, 1969

blue-jean '68

An air of liberty

MD_LOGO Moebius.png

Thus the title given to the catalogue created for the exhibits in Barcelona Paris and "Les rencontres photographiques" d'Arles, between spring and summer 2018.  

Half a century after the May 1968 revolution in Paris, Dominique tells the story of her dear friend, Jean-Jacques, a student from the University of Nanterre who, influenced by the turbulence in the streets of Paris, became an anarchist photographer.


The book is divided into three parts and begins with the POETIC DUO :

twelve photos of Jean-Jacques Drivet are illustrated by Moebius, with poems and quotes.

It is followed by the photographer’s biography with a selection of twenty photos.  

Finally, page 109 titled “ The other side of the mirror ”, announces the story of the adventures lived in the 70´s by the young couple in love.

Del otro lado del espejo_ pagina108_Blue



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Exhibition catalog

To contact the autor and ask her for a dedication:

1st edition limited to 220 copies ARTBOOK Collector

196 pages

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To buy this artbook in Barcelona:


NORMA Cómics

Paseo de Sant Joan, 9- 08010 Barcelona 

Tel: 932 44 84 23


Torrent d'en Vidalet, 19- 08012 Barcelona 

Tel: 932 47 17 54


C/ de Guillem de Castro, 17- 46007 Valencia  

Tel:  963 52 48 54

5ª edición 

232 páginas

Precio 16 euros

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