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Jean Giraud, MOEBIUS, came to Barcelona the first time in May 1992 with Isabelle, his partner and collaborator.

The Comic Fair, then taking place in the Born Market, invited them offering to the artist a large and empty space in the fair´s entrance.  That´s how emerged a black covered platform by a blue pyramid, so that Moebius could chat with his fans and give them his signature.


Simultaneously, he was presenting his first exhibit of CRISTAL SAGA 22 in 4rt Montfalcon, an art gallery in the gothic district. There appeared 22 black and white drawings inspired by 22 quartz crystals, selected by Dominique from the Kucera mineral shop of Barcelona. Moebius related the master number 22 with the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

Getting into the 4RT gallery with Dominique

con Isabelle en la Galería 4RT (Barcelona).

That year 1992, Comic fans got delighted by STARWATCHER, THE GARDENS OF EDEN and THE INCAL. 

They daydreamed in front of “new universes in expansion that permitted them to imagine it all”…

The visionary illustrator loved science fiction. He had chosen the nickname of MOEBIUS to play with the infinity time-loop revealed by a 19C German astronomer.  The doors were opened wide to space and time.

With his work of the AIRTIGHT GARAGE, Moebius brought absolute freedom in the Comic world. He came to define himself as “a spiritual mechanic, using a magic loop”.  

The artist, capable of unfolding and even multiplying himself, has left us an immense body of work to contemplate and a series of characters to accompany us forever:

Blueberry, Arzak, el Mayor, Malvina, John Difool, Atan and Stel...


Travel in Spain 1992-2017:

• Saló del Cómic: 1992,1995/ Ficomic fair: 2008, 2010, 2012   

• Exposition Galería 4rt: CRISTAL SAGA 22, 1992 (Barcelona) 

• ART FUTURA: 1993 (Barcelona), 1999 (Sevilla)

• “ Elemental ” video:  EN BUSCA DE ALFA, 1993 (Sitges)

• Exposition shop Tou-Tou:  CRISTAL SAGA 22, 1993 (Sitges) 

• Exposition Galería Hispano 20:  COULEUR D’AMOUR, 1994 (Barcelona)

• Exposition Club OttoZutz: LA MUTACIÓN AZUL, 1995 (Barcelona)

• Retrospective Arquitectural Market de Barcelona, EME3, CCCB, 2001 (Barcelona)

• Exposition Ficomic fair:  HOMAGE 2012, (Barcelona)

   Exposition Circle of Bellas Artes: CRISTAL SAGA 22, 2017 (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)


• University of Bellas Artes de Barcelona: " The alterated states of consciousness ", 1995

• FNAC presentation of INSIDE in 2009 (Barcelona, Madrid)

1993 - EN BUSCA DE ALFA  (Sitges)

 2010 - FICOMIC con Isabelle y Charles Berbérian 

  1995 - LA MUTACIÓN AZUL (Otto Zutz en Barcelona)

 Feliz descanso en un jardín de Manacor

  Vacaciones en Selva de Mar

     2009 - Presentación de INSIDE en Madrid

      Aeropuerto de Palma de Mallorca

1995 "Altered states of consciousness" at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Barcelona with Jodorowsky and Luis Guembé



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Exhibition catalog

To contact the autor and ask her for a dedication:

1st edition limited to 220 copies ARTBOOK Collector

196 pages

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To buy this artbook in Barcelona:


NORMA Cómics

Paseo de Sant Joan, 9- 08010 Barcelona 

Tel: 932 44 84 23


Torrent d'en Vidalet, 19- 08012 Barcelona 

Tel: 932 47 17 54


C/ de Guillem de Castro, 17- 46007 Valencia  

Tel:  963 52 48 54

5ª edición 

232 páginas

Precio 16 euros

Paseo en Lloret de Mar

moneda del Infinito

medallón Arzak

pulsera Turmad

pulsera Firmlav

pulsera Infimad

pulsera Tassili


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