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An air of liberty - Espagne

Serenely posing, her skin mixed with the air, her eyes with the horizon and the transparency of the sea. After having dreamed so much about it, to find herself here, seated at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, it seemed unreal.

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Exhibition catalog

To contact the autor and ask her for a dedication:

1st edition limited to 220 copies ARTBOOK Collector

196 pages

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To buy this artbook in Barcelona:


NORMA Cómics

Paseo de Sant Joan, 9- 08010 Barcelona 

Tel: 932 44 84 23


Torrent d'en Vidalet, 19- 08012 Barcelona 

Tel: 932 47 17 54


C/ de Guillem de Castro, 17- 46007 Valencia  

Tel:  963 52 48 54

5ª edición 

232 páginas

Precio 16 euros

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