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Photo Title:  SPLASH!

Playa La Boadella, Costa Brava 1971

- When I look back, I see aligned the chapters of the novel of my life, filled with stories of surprise and suspense.

- If I could do it over again, would it be possible to "make the world” better?


Photo : Anna Malagrida



I was born in a mountain pass of the Pyrenees between two borders, France and Spain.

So much snow had fallen that it was impossible to leave the house...

Three years later, my family moved below the sun of Africa where my memories of infancy begin.

We finally returned to France, settling in a village at the westside of Paris, St Germain-en-Laye.

There I passed my adolescence until completing my BA in Philosophy.

During the autumn of 1968, I started my Master's in drawing at the Met of Penninghen Academy, on Dragon Street in Paris.  Next summer, I received a magnificent diploma. 

However, life´s circumstances lead me to the world of fashion and images and unexpectedly, I turned into a fashion model and a night princess. This turn introduced me to the jet-set world of the rich and famous but soon that sophisticated atmosphere bored me.

In 1970, I decided to run away from Paris in a funny blue van to go and explore the Costa Brava and Barcelona with my beloved photographer, Jean-Jacques. 

The beaches of the Costa Brava, Sitges and Formentera captivated and inspired us endlessly.

In front of the camera of Jean-Jacques, I recall the thrill of transforming myself...

2021 >  Salto mortal en Barcelona para ALL y todos sus hoteles en el mundo... Merci Jean Guilhem Lamberti !

2017_diario Canarias_entrevista Dominiqu

How to define my work?


I see myself as a life-artist... Drawing, styling, writing, studying stones, searching for a link between exterior beauty and the mysteries of the soul.

The fashion world surrounded me for two decades but, in the center of this whirlwind there was always my passion for nature and minerals... Arriving in 1990 for the first time in India,I decided to

change fashion for metaphysical jewelery which brought the opportunity to present my first collection, PIEDRA DE LUZ, at the exhibit CRISTAL SAGA 22 in Barcelona with the artist Moebius.

I also started to write articles for the ecological spanish magazines, Integral and Cuerpomente.


In 2001, my first book “CRYSTAL SMILE” (Le sourire du cristal) was published in France.  I recounted experiences with crystals and some personal stories. 

My friend Moebius made 22 illustrations for the 22 crystals and 22 chapters.

Soon after, I went to Costa Rica and fell in love with the rainforest.

For a long time, I've liked to draw elves and magic beings hidden in another dimension...

I enjoy to recycle my old sketches, to play with the present of the past...


 1968- Niki de Saint Phalle's exhibition in Paris

1969- Desfile Paco Rabanne en París

1974 -  Exclusive print for an Italian brand

The Fashion? A simple woman's whim...

1981 - Francis Montesinos (fashion show in Valencia)

1981 - Daniel Carbocci (fashion show in Barcelona)

1969 - Paco Rabanne's fashion show in Paris

1975 - " Pur coton " Collection

Collection of " Patricia " in Menorca

   1968 - Saint-Germain-en-Laye

Pura Vida en Costa Rica



ELVEN Series







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