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The Elf of peridot

"The Elf of peridot" Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica, 2010

A latin Elf was born in a Costa Rican forest and later traveled to Spain. She asked Dominique for a diadem with peridots and green tourmalines. This magical presence brings clarity, balance, separating the negativity.

The Elf of peridot

  • Painting-collage

    Application of leaves from Costa Rica's forest, tucked between several layers of tissue paper. The Elf is cropped and pasted over. She wears a headband of precious stones, peridot and green tourmaline. Acrylic painting technique. White glue inside and two layers of matte varnish outside.

    Shipment with light protection frame (plastic screen).

    Size: 40x50cms

    Sent via POST (certified) in a large rigid cardboard envelope +plastic protection

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