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"Resurrection" Boadella Beach, Costa Brava, 1970.

An androgynous body in suspense on a dead tree... The small psychedelic clothes of Kenzo, the designer, next to the catalan espadrilles encouraged the photographer. Only the arrival of a compassionate being from another planet was missing ...
What a screenplay!


  • Information


    Limited edition:

    12 duos x 30 numbered copies.

    Price: 480€

    Photograph Jean-Jacques DRIVET

    (signed by Dominique Mirambeau-Drivet).

    Size: 40x50cms (with white margin)

    Epson print on Hahnemühle matte paper 200g.

    Illustration MOEBIUS

    (with certificate of authenticity by Moebius Production).

    Size: 18x24cms (with white margin).

    Epson print on Hahnemühle matte paper 200g.

    Sent by POST (certified) in rigid cardboard envelope +plastic protection

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